Friday, January 4, 2019

dome of stars

the scientific believe the scientific is the scientific way to approach everything.
there is only the material, deductive logic, observation with five sense, hypothesis, theory, then law.
nothing else exists or matters. any other question is simply the wrong question to ask.

and so, scientifically, i would like to measure, quantify, and understand --
how much potential is in a room?
how much potential is there in a room with people in it?
how much potential is there anywhere?
simply claiming infinite potential is a baseless premise scientifically.
where is the proof? how do we know? perhaps there are limits, but how to define?

maybe the issue diverges. maybe it's not just how much potential there is.
maybe the more fundamental question regards how we get access to it.
going into that issue turns the question onto us.
and what is the measure of that?

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