Tuesday, January 22, 2019

juggler of worlds

The Genie laughed, "Everyone makes noises about wanting a meaningful life."

The Noodge asked, "Is an answer to that possible?"

"Of course," smirked the Genie. "After all, I'm a Genie!"

Buoyed with anticipation, the Noodge was coaxed to use his last wish and ordered the Genie to produce the answer. 

And so the genie offered two life choices guaranteed to be the answer - "Live a hedonistic, responsibility-free life that satisfies as a solution at first yet drains away meaning to nothing over time - or have a struggling but meaningful life yet over time it'll only be as meaningful as the amount of responsibility you're willing to bear." 

The Noodge was enraged, "You tricked me! I never would have used my last wish on such a dilemma! That's an impossible choice!"

The Genie shrugged, "All you asked for was the answer, not the solution. If life had solutions, there wouldn't be any need for Genies!"

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