Tuesday, January 22, 2019

heavenly sun and moon eclipse

...for the universe not to be boring, 
something needs to be at stake,
a universe with nothing at stake is static, 
no matter what is going on in it...

Imagine you are the one tasked with creating the Garden of Eden. The Garden contains the chaos of Nature but a chaos formulated within a framework that is orderly, therefore it's a garden. Now, do you build a wall around the Garden high enough to preclude the possibility of snakes or do you make yourself strong enough to contend with their possibility? 

What is more important, being safe or strong? Is it possible to exist at all and be safe? What would that look like and still retain the variety and ongoing wondrous manifestations of Nature? 

You as Creator are omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. So what do you lack? You lack limitation. This is justification enough for Being as realized by The Garden. 
For anything to come into existence there needs to be an element of resistance. That polarity is a pre-requisite for Being. The only possible solution to a dilemma may be synthesis, where neither element is discarded but rather both are combined to form something new. 

Your Garden presents the souls within it the dilemma of ordered Nature in the presence of the snake. What's at stake? Finding a synthesis of Being within this polarity. This is the tension of creation itself.

the god cycle
1 - retreat to an infinite space of total receptivity
2 - allow spontaneous manifestation to take place that shatters what came before
3 - from this fragmentation form an even greater new whole 
4 - repeat

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