Tuesday, June 27, 2017

no particles

Particle physicists may be missing one thing if they ever hope to stop chasing their tails down the path of fundamental particles. Here’s the fundamental concept they’re possibly missing — there are no particles. 

There is only This and That. This is everything we can see. That is everywhere we cannot see. Depending on the arrangement of That, bits of This can be seen. Bits of This only appear to us as particles because of the arrangement of That. It appears there's much more to This than we can see because That blocks our view of it. If That didn’t exist, all of This could be seen. Then we would see all of This as one continuous thing, not particles at all. And, of course, by definition, if This didn't exist, there would be nothing to see anyway, including ourselves. But such conjecture is purely hypothetical since there is no This without That or That without This for reasons, like the source of The Big Bang, science so far must take on secular faith.

Imagine a sheet of blue paper behind a structure. At various points along the structure are holes of any size you please. Now light up the blue paper but not the surface of the structure. If you could not see the structure, all you’d see would be the round spots of blue of various sizes. To think the round spots of blue are separate entities would be mistaken. In actuality, what you are really detecting is nothing but round areas of the solid blue paper showing through the invisible structure. Since the structure is not lit and cannot be seen, your perception makes you believe the round spots of blue have a fundamentally separate nature but this is only an artifact of your limited perception.  In this example, the structure is That and the spots of blue are This. In the world of physics, the spots of blue would be called particles.

As long as physicists search for answers by examining This, they will never get a final answer to explain the physical world. The thing called That is changed by higher energies and so the kinds of This we see will always change with detection in the presence of higher energies. Unlike the structure in the example, That is a very dynamic energy medium. Is it any wonder sub-atomic particles seem to wink in and out of existence and exhibit spooky behavior not fully understood yet given the name quantum mechanics? It’s merely an indication that any given energy state causes areas of That to open and close to our perception in uniquely peculiar ways indicative of their frequency.

We must find a way to explore both This and That if we ever hope to glean an understanding of the physical world. And yet once we do, I suspect we will need a higher explanation for the subsequent discovery that such a dualism as This and That is, after all, ultimately an illusion.