Monday, March 13, 2017

Sky above the fall

"I often dream about failing. 
Such dreams are commonplace to the ambitious or those who climb mountains. 

Lately I dreamed I was clutching at the face of a rock, but it would not hold. Gravel gave way. 
I grasped for a shrub, but it pulled loose, and in cold terror I fell into the abyss. 
Suddenly I realized that my fall was relative; there was no bottom and no end. 
A feeling of pleasure overcame me. 
I realized that what I embody, the principle of life, cannot be destroyed.
It is written into the cosmic code, the order of the universe. 

As I continued to fall in the dark void, embraced by the vault of the heavens, 
I sang to the beauty of the stars and made my peace with the darkness."

Heinz Pagels, 
physicist and quantum mechanics researcher 
before his death in a 1988 climbing accident

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