Thursday, January 5, 2017

When does a good idea get better?
When a famous person says it, of course.

"Life is great" said by Gandhi or Einstein or even Wayne Gretzky will get traction - even if they didn't really say it. You'll see it quoted in articles, put on t-shirts, chiseled as epigraphs on buildings and statues, or solemnly repeated by valedictorians at commencement ceremonies.

If someone on the street says the same thing, good chance they're ignored, looked at suspiciously, or barked at dismissively, 'Oh, yeah? What the hell's wrong with you? What planet are you on?'

So next time you're standing by the water cooler, gabbing with the guy next door,
go ahead and say your good idea. Announce it loud and strong.

Just remember to attribute it to a famous person.
And be careful what celebrity you pick.
You might just stumble upon a truth you didn't expect.


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