Sunday, October 16, 2016

Types of Archetypal Journeys
  1. The quest for identity
  2. The epic journey to find the promised land/to found the good city
  3. The quest for vengeance
  4. The warrior’s journey to save his people
  5. The search for love (to rescue the princess/damsel in distress)
  6. The journey in search of knowledge
  7. The tragic quest: penance or self-denial
  8. The fool’s errand
  9. The quest to rid the land of danger
  10. The grail quest (the quest for human perfection)
Stages of a Hero’s Journey
  1. Departure: The hero is called to adventure, although he is reluctant to accept.
  2. Initiation: The hero crosses a threshold into a new, more dangerous world, gaining a more mature perspective.
  3. The Road of Trials: The hero is given supernatural aid, endures tests of strength, resourcefulness, and endurance.
  4. The Innermost Cave: The hero descends into the innermost cave, an underworld, or some other place of great trial. Sometimes this place can be within the hero’s own mind. Because of this trial, the hero is reborn in some way—physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Through this experience, the hero changes internally.
  5. Return and Reintegration with Society: The hero uses his new wisdom to restore fertility and order to the land

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