Thursday, September 5, 2019

anything good or bad

the science of psychology can make anything good or bad.

for example, someone is nice to you. 
how nice. what could be bad with that?
(let's ignore the realistic possibility of an evil ulterior motive)
to a psychologist, the situation might actually be this --

perhaps the person is nice to you because they are a masochist
who wants to cause their own anguish
by preventing their own sadistic designs directed towards you,
something their shadow side really wants to do,
so their act of being nice may not have much to do with you,
it's simply a way to punish themselves 
thereby bringing them masochistic pleasure.

of course, such a situation might be perfectly all right with you
if you're a co-dependent with a barely existent self-image and no boundaries.
it could even be the case that the two of you share
what is called a Folie à Deux, literally a ‘madness shared by two’ 
or shared psychotic disorder. This is when two or more people 
who usually live in close proximity come to share the same delusions.
if so, then you are satisfied with the situation
since you like being liked in a way that tortures you
with the knowledge that it's never been about truly liking you.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

figuring out you

online algorithms have figured out
what will keep you in the digital cage
not because they're malevolent --
they've just figured out you

if they couldn't successfully appeal
to the lowest common denominator,
the cage wouldn't work
Matrix Psyops

"What if I told you the idea of the Matrix is a psyops
to get people to disengage with their lives
by making them believe it's all an illusion or simulation,
in fact, it's a devilish way of deadening human potential
by draining it away in constructs of futility."

Thursday, August 22, 2019

humans - wow
", just -- wow."

does he mean that as a positive or a negative?
and does the answer to that question say more about him or me?

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Handle It

If you own a gun 
it's your responsibility 
to properly handle your trigger.

Same thing if you own 
a mind with emotions.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

more meditation
wanting more enlightenment
is the ego's way of avoiding enlightenment
whereas, thinking one has no ego and is already enlightened
should make one wonder who is having such thoughts?!
if it doesn't, more meditation is in order